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Mail in repair

Mail in repairs are a great way to get your device fixed without having to travel to us.  We have repaired devices and performed data recoveries from many different states.  If you are looking to mail in a device for data recovery please see our Data Recovery page.  After completing the form below you will be emailed with instructions for safe shipping and given a link to your work order once it is created.  The work order will be updated when we receive the device, as we work on the device, and upon return shipping, payment, and updated with tracking information.

How It Works

  1. Complete the form below

  2. Ship your device to us

  3. Upon receipt of your device we will perform an initial diagnostic and update your work order

  4. Depending on current workload your repair should be completed within 1-3 days from receipt

  5. An invoice will be sent once the repair is complete

  6. Upon payment we will ship your device back to you, and you're back to enjoying your life!

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